Alliance between ALEH and AMHIGOS Group

Following up on the commitment made between the Latin American Association for the Study of Liver and AMHIGO, this time we will share the review sent by Dr. Jorge Luis Poo, about what is AMHIGO, how it emerges, its trajectory, goals and achievements. We invite you to read this interesting and motivating initiative that we hope will serve as a model to be implemented in your different countries for the benefit of our patients

Dear colleagues:

On this occasion, we are pleased to introduce AMHIGO, a virtual educational project that emerged in Mexico City, back in 2014, when a small group of doctors realized the importance of the time spent explaining to patients about the origin of their disease, natural evolution, possible complications, the importance of performing and understanding their studies, as well as achieving a good adherence to therapeutics, all of which could help them improve their life standards and prevent complications.

Gradually, the on-site option of courses in salons or auditoriums opened a door to the virtual world, where patients, family and friends can access information on liver health at any time and every day of the week, by simply typing

AMHIGO includes 7 interactive modules, 70 sections, a front-page news carousel, more than 300 photos and / or educational diagrams, a weekly news program with 10 categories of the immense world of hepatic health, with more than 500 medical news accumulated, 7 Online calculators with a graphical representation of their results, totaling more than 5,000 online consultations, 6 diet, exercise and / or medication surveys, videos, testimonies, blogs and interaction with social networks.

Therefore, we invite you to visit the AMHIGO portal, an educational, informative and interactive virtual platform, motivated by the love of the patient and with the spirit of continuously improving their contents. The website approach is friendly, a bit academic, but at the same time simple, serious yet fun topics, describing eternal (anatomy and physiology of the liver), avant-garde (the new direct action antivirals against HCV) and even Art to caress the senses.