ALEH at the Liver Meeting 2017

For the third consecutive year, ALEH participate at The Liver Meeting, the annual Congress organized by the AASLD.

This activity received more than 9,000 attendees, who visited the ALEH stand located in the commercial exhibition.

This was an excellent opportunity for ALEH members to meet and get toghether with important entities, to become more closer and discuss diferent topics such as:

  • ALEH Representatives Meeting: different topics were discussed, such as ALEH 2018 Congress, Liver Cirrhosis Study and the creation of Comité de Jovenes Investigadores – CJI (Young Researchers Committee).
  • Global Liver Summit, meeting with the AASLD, EASL, APASL and AFASL in which global issues about hepatology were discussed. In this opportunity, it was decided to modify the Global Liver Forum in order to produce position paper in the topic to be discussed.
  • Groups of Interest in HCC, DILI, NASH and Alcohol Liver Diseases, met in the ALEH room, and continue working on their projects. To learn more about these groups, enter here.

At the same time, ALEH had a great participation in the scientific program, Dr. Fernando Contreras (Dominican Republic), President of ALEH moderated the parallel session nº9: Refining Treatments and Outcomes in HCV Therapy and Dr. Marco Arrese (Chile) was invited ad speaker of the Global Liver Forum: The Global Burden of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – South American Perspective ALEH.

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