Dr. Manuel Mendizabal coordinator of New Young Researchers Commitee (CJI)

With the intention of integrating the young members of ALEH and knowing their needs, to generate proposals that help in their educational development, ALEh´s Governing Board named Dr. Manuel Mendizabal (Argentina) to lead this project.

In the last Congress of AASLD, The Liver Meeting, Dr. Mendizabal presented the objectives of this new Committee and asked the ALEH Representatives in each country, to designate a young member to participate in this project.
The objectives are:

  • Promote research and clinical training in Hepatology, contributing to the exchange of scientific information among members of ALEH youth
  • Collaborate with the organization of workshops, scientific meetings, training scholarships and dissemination of subsidies with the Permanent Council of ALEH
  • Represent the interests of young members within the ALEH Board
  • Encourage and help young people to become members of ALEH

If you want to participate as a member of this group, please contact us info@alehlatam.org