New Challenges for ALEH in 2018

2017 is already ending, where ALEH was able to see the feedback of a work well done in the past years and the increasingly tangible interest of our partners in continuing to grow as an Association.

By the year 2018, new projects are coming up which includes:

ALEH Symposium during the International Liver Congress in Paris, France

In this opportunity, Dr. Francisco Hevia, expert in Wilson Disease, will participate as a moderator of this module, which will be held for the first time in this important scientific activity.

EASL Symposium during the ALEH 2018 Congress

The participation of important EASL members, especially its current president, Dr. Tom Karlsen, has already been confirmed for the ALEH Congress to be held in Punta Cana.

AASLD Workshop during the ALEH 2018 Congress

During the 2016 ALEH congress, held in Santiago, Chile, the Research Workshop between AASLD and ALEH was held for the first time. In this opportunity, a second version will be made, with a theoretical-practical activity.

ALEH Symposium during The Liver Meeting 2018 in San Francisco, United States

For the first time, an ALEH Symposium will be held during the annual activity of AASLD.

Pan-American activities in conjunction with AASLD, AMH, CASL and ALEH

During 2018, two Pan-American activities will be carried out:

Global Hepatitis Summit (Toronto, Canada), where Dr. Raymundo Paraná and Dr. Martin Tagle (Peru) will be representing  ALEH

Pan-American Course – Mexican Hepatology Association Congress (Cancun, Mexico), where Dr. Fernando Contreras, Dr. Juan Carlos Restrepo and Dr. Rodrigo Zapata will be representing ALEH

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