President ALEH participates in the technical advisory committee on the elimination of viral hepatitis in latin america

On December 6 and 7, leaders of regional hepatology met in Washington DC, to discuss the elimination of viral hepatitis in Latin America. Representing ALEH and as a member of the advisory committee, participated, our President, Dr. Fernando Contreras.

Since 2015, the Pan American Health Organization has approved new Action Plans for the prevention and control of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) (2016-2021) and viral hepatitis (2016-2019), to guide the regional response of public health to these communicable diseases and encourage collaborative actions between governments, civil society, bilateral and multilateral partners and donors for their long-term elimination in alignment with the WHO Global Health Sector Strategies and the Sustainable Development Goals and under the broader Universal Health framework.

This 7th meeting of the PAHO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on HIV / STIs and the 2nd meeting of the PAHO TAC on Viral Hepatitis, analyzed the progress made in the implementation of the Regional Action Plans.