Hepatitis A – Outbreak in Chile

There is an outbreak of hepatitis A that has occurred (and persists) in Chile, which is affecting predominantly young adults, mostly men who have sex with men. In the attached paper (published on Thursday, March 1, in the journal Eurosurveillance, impact factor 7.2) the characteristics of this outbreak are shown, and, in addition, a phylogenetic analysis is made of the strains that affect our patients, finding that they correspond to one of the three strains that affect the outbreak of hepatitis A in Europe.
Dr. Alejandro Soza, sends us this important information and indicates “I think it is relevant to raise awareness of this situation among Latin American hepatologists, as I have informally learned that in other countries in the region an increasing number of cases are also being seen, and the mechanism of sexual transmission of this disease is not always recognized.”

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