Discover the new ALEH Academy

The Latin American Association for the Study of the Liver ALEH is pleased to announce the launching of its Online Educational Portal and Mobile Learning App ALEH Academia. The Portal and the App are two powerful avant-garde eLearning solutions.

This new Academy is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices! In addition, it incorporates contents of the 2016 ALEH Congress and the I Course of Clinical Hepatology 2017.
It also offers exclusive access to a wide range of personalized educational resources designed to improve the study of the liver worldwide.

You can browse the educational content through eLearning modules thanks to the Online Learning section, where you will find e-learning programs, interactive modules and learning questionnaires. You can even exchange ideas and opinions with your colleagues about specific activities, using the discussion forums while completing the activities.

The ALEH Academy search is powerful, just type your keyword combination, then select Search, and you can select matching slides from different conferences and instantly play all the selected slides of different speakers that contain your search, it’s that easy!

Register now at or download the ALEH Academy app from Apple and Google Play stores.

We expect all our partners an excellent learning experience through our ALEH Academy.