EASL International Recognition Award Recipient 2019: Prof.  Flair José Carrilho 

It is a great honour and pleasure to introduce Professor Flair José Carrilho for the 2019 EASL International Recognition Award. To my knowledge, he is the first Latin American hepatologist receiving this award. With this decision, the EASL Executive Committee recognises in Flair the existence of an exceptional generation of Latin American hepatologists who, with tremendous enthusiasm, imagination and effort, have led to the progression of hepatology and improved the care of patients with liver diseases even in a continent facing very difficult conditions. Continue Reading


Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is with great satisfaction that I receive this award, which in my opinion, corresponds not only to the recognition of my activities during my professional life, but also to the recognition of the activities of several Latin American colleagues working in the field of hepatology for the scientific growth of our continent. No professional manages to reach the peak of it´s scientific production without the help of collaborators, a professional institution that provides working conditions and collaborative work within a network abroad and in Brazil. I would like to thank all those who welcomed me during this journey of my life, especially my mentors, colleagues and my family.
Thank you very much for this generosity!